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We want to make Shakespeare accessible to everyone. We want everyone to walk in the door and laugh and cry and stand in amazement at how little the human condition has changed over the past 400 years.

We can't do this without you. 

Mad Rogues performances are unique because in addition to the signature "bare-bones" approach to the text we also use "blind casting" to open the doors to everyone to have a chance to tell these amazing stories. Actors and performers of all ages, races, gender identity, sexual orientation and ability are welcome on our stage. We find the best actor for the job and we let them do it - regardless of what they look like - because our world is too diverse and beautiful to not reflect in our art.

Your donations will make our shows even more exciting by helping us buy everything from rehearsal time, venue rent, costumes, actor stipends, quality stage weapons (both steel weapons and drunk night safety weapons) and even bulk priced whiskey for our Bard and Bourbon shows.  Every dollar counts.  

So from the bottom of our hearts and glasses, thank you!

Mad Rogues Corporation is a 503(c) Non-Profit Organization